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Which clubs benefitted most from fluctuating exchange rates this summer? Check out our not-so-serious guide to the savviest Barclays Premier League dealers of the summer 2015 transfer window.

From big money fees for want-away midfielders such as Angel Di Maria to the high profile international deals made by Chelsea and Manchester City, Premier League clubs have once again been flaunting their cash in a bid to bolster their squads for the 2015/16 campaign. This summer has also seen a strong performance from the British pound, which has meant that English clubs have benefitted considerably from their overseas transfer deals compared to previous windows. READ MORE...

However, despite the rampant selling and spending, when it comes to keeping tabs on fluctuating exchange rates, there are some clubs who have appeared to be a lot shrewder than others. This summer the GBP/EUR exchange rate saw a period high of 1.437 and a period low of 1.357, which means that if continental deals were timed right, English clubs could have saved millions of pounds on their overseas payments.

With this in mind, for a bit of fun, we’ve decided to analyse each Premier League club’s transfer activity and work out who have been the savviest dealers since the first fees were agreed back on 28th May. We all know each club has their own set financial guidelines around overseas spending and directors are probably well aware of the advantages of conducting deals during certain periods. However, it’s still interesting to see how much each club made or lost on these deals based on the exchange rates when the fees were agreed.

Total spent on international transfer fees during the 2015 summer transfer window by Premier League clubs…


Potential forex saving for all clubs


The total amount that could have been saved had transfers been completed on the date of the most favourable exchange rate during the transfer period:

The exchange rates league table

The below league table ranks every Premier League club by the total amount they saved or lost on their international deals since the first fees were agreed at the end of May. We’ve identified the average exchange rates from 28th May – 1st September and used them to work out which clubs have conducted their deals for better or worse rates. This has allowed us to discover the total amounts each club has hypothetically saved or lost for all their deals throughout the transfer period.

We’ve also pinpointed the optimum exchange rates for the transfer period to illustrate the maximum amount the clubs missed out on saving if they had conducted their deals during those peak days. Each club’s potential savings have been outlined on a separate column below.

Intl. Transfers
In & Out
Value of Fees (£)
Total Potential
Savings (£)*
% Potential Saving of All Transactions
Against Avg. (£)**<
% Potential Profit/Loss of All Transactions
West Brom WBA
1 0 12m -1,279,823 -10.67% 1,222,119 +10.2%
Bournemouth BOU
1 0 7m -80,236 -1.15% 116,819 +1.67%
Arsenal ARS
0 1 1.8m -83,185 -4.62% 19,872 +1.10%
Aston Villa AST
6 1 42m -781,871 -1.86% 393,681 +0.937%
Leicester City LEI
4 0 27.2m -534,091 -1.96% 233,567 +0.859%
Newcastle NEW
4 1 47.9m -930,084 -1.94%% 410,737 +0.857%
Sunderland SUN
1 0 8m -159,499 -1.99% 63,775 +0.797%
Everton EVE
3 0 14.8m -321,200 -2.17% 94,057 +0.63%
Chelsea CHE
5 2 74.2m -2,491,555 -3.33% 456,738 +0.61%
Stoke STO
4 1 28.25m -706,788 -2.55% 90,419 +0.32%
Liverpool LIV
1 0 29m -739,353 -2.50% 65,428 +0.23%
Southampton SOT
4 0 23.7m -615,380 -2.60% 42,003 +0.18%
Swansea SWA
3 0 9.1m -242,507 -2.66% 9,728 +0.11%
Watford WAT
4 0 15.4m -511,719 -3.32% -87,744 -0.57%
Crystal Palace CRl
1 0 10m -335,533 -3.36% -60,317 -0.61%
West Ham United WHU
3 0 25m -848,343 -3.39% -160,573 -0.64%
Manchester City MNC
3 0 89m -3,051,051 -3.53% -587,567 -0.66%
Tottenham Hotspur TOT
4 5 84.1m -3,144,853 -3.63% -641,628 -0.76%
Manchester United MNU
4 4 143.35m -6,555,749 -4.57% -2,257,260 -1.57%
Norwich NOR
0 0 - - - - - - - - - -

*The optimum exchange rates from 28th May – 1st September include:

GBP/EUR: 1 = 1.439

GBP/USD: 1 = 1.587

GBP/TRY: 1 = 4.625

GBP/BRL: 1 = 5.642

GBP/CNY: 1 = 10.084

GBP/UAH: 1 = 35.092

GBP/UYU: 1 = 43.927

GBP/RUB: 1 = 110.915

GBP/PLN: 1 = 5.979

GBP/ARS: 1 = 14.594

The above have been used to work out how much each club could have saved if they had conducted their deals using these peak rates.

**The average exchange rates from 28th May – 1st September include:

GBP/EUR: 1 = 1.399

GBP/USD: 1 = 1.556

GBP/TRY: 1 = 4.241

GBP/BRL: 1 = 5.050

GBP/CNY: 1 = 9.580

GBP/UAH: 1 = 33.069

GBP/UYU: 1 = 42.019

GBP/RUB: 1 = 89.927

GBP/PLN: 1 = 5.816

GBP/ARS: 1 = 14.186

The above have been used to work out whether each club conducted their deals at times when rates were above or below the average for the transfer period.

Where the money could have gone…

If all deals had been completed during the peak period of the transfer window, it’s clear each club would have made some significant savings. Here are a few things they could have bought with the money saved.

Man Utd


3G Pitches

Tottenham Hotspur

With the £3,144,853 Spurs could have saved on transfer payments, the club could have purchased 3 brand new state of the art 3G training pitches for their training ground.



seat grandstands


If Chelsea had completed their deals during the peak period, their £2,491,555 saving could have bought 4 brand new 500 seat grandstands for some lucky non-league clubs.

Man Utd


Football Facilities

Manchester United

Manchester United could have saved a staggering £6,555,749 from their deals and would have been able to fully support 13 football facilities funding schemes for grass roots clubs or schools in the UK. Each project would include new pitches, floodlights, changing rooms and clubhouses for schools/clubs in need of financial support.

Man City


aspiring coaches

Manchester City

With over £3,000,000 worth of potential savings, Manchester City could have put 5000 aspiring coaches through all three modules of the FA Youth Award (the qualification needed to coach pre-teens from grass roots to professional academies).

The Exchange Rate throughout the transfer period

The below currency graph displays how exchange rates have fluctuated throughout the transfer period and highlights when key transfers took place.

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When were the clubs spending their money?

The below graph displays the spending activity for 10 of the busiest spenders during the transfer period and the dates when each club made their international purchases.

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Which deal took full advantage of favourable exchange rates?


Salomon Rondon

Salomon Rondon
£12m / ₽1,187,244,000

Transfer Date


Total Potential Savings:


Saving against the average rate:


Salomon Rondón’s £12m transfer from Zenit St. Petersburg to West Bromwich Albion was conducted at a time when the GBP/Russian Ruble exchange rate was extremely volatile. When the deal was completed on 10th August, the exchange rate was 98.937, which is significantly higher than the 89.792 average for the window. Although West Brom saved £1,222,119 on the deal, had they waited just 2 weeks and done the deal on 25th August when the rate was 110.748, they could have saved a further £1,279,823 on the Venezuelan striker.

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Which deals failed to take advantage of favourable exchange rates?


Memphis Depay

Memphis Depay
£25m / €34,275,000

Transfer Date:


Total Potential Savings:


Loss against the avg rate:


Memphis Depay’s transfer from PSV Eindhoven to Manchester United also failed to take advantage of favourable GBP/EUR rates. The £25,000,000 fee was agreed on 12th June when the exchange rate was 1.371, which was far less than the transfer period’s average rate of 1.397 and optimum rate of 1.437. The club therefore lost out on £1,141,021 of potential savings as the deal was conducted too early in the window.

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Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne
£55m / €75,515,000

Transfer Date:


Total Potential Savings:


Loss against the avg rate:


As you can see, Kevin De Bruyne’s transfer from Wolfsburg to Manchester City failed to capitalise on advantageous GBP/EUR rates. When the £55,000,000 fee was agreed on 30th August, the exchange rate was 1.373 which is considerably lower than the average rate (1.397) and way lower than the optimum rate for the period which was 1.437. City therefore missed out on £2,456,755 worth of potential savings had the transfer been timed better.

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Ángel Di María

Ángel Di María
£44.3m / €63,357,860

Transfer Date


Total Potential Savings:


Loss against the average rate:


On 6th August, Manchester United agreed a £44,300,000 fee for the sale of Ángel Di María to PSG, at which time the exchange rate was 1.430. Had Man Utd completed the deal back in June when the GBP/EUR rate was at its lowest point during the window (1.357 on 10th June 2015), they could have netted an extra £2,378,917 from the transaction.

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